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Blooming like lotus- Protech Attended Milipol Paris 2019
Publish time:2019-11-29

The world's most influential military and police exhibition- Milipol kicked off on November 19-22, 2019. This exhibition attracted more than a thousand professional exhibitors from 53 countries. Meanwhile there were about 30,000 professional visitors came to the site and more than 330 media rushed to report on the show.


The design of Protech's booth was inspired by the blooming lotus. The combination of the main and vice colour tones complement each other and also highlight the development concept of the Harmonious Culture that Protech always advocated.


The products exhibited by Protech ranged from soft protective composite materials with light weight and excellent ballistic performance, as well as flexible soft and comfortable ballistic panels to the latest concealed bullet-proof jackets, from thin and easy-to-processed hard protective composite materials, to a variety of tested plates which passed the tests taken by authoritative testing centre abroad. Meanwhile there was custom made shaped plates that could meet customers’ complex processing requirements. All these provided visitors comprehensive one stop solutions. Customers can find professional and detailed product solutions that met different requirements.


For example, a new aramid UD product with the advantage of combining the softness and anti trauma performance was independently developed by Protech. At the same time the new aramid UD also had a high bulletproof performance. It became one of the most concerned products during the exhibition. One plate cutted into Protech’s logo also attracted much attention of the visitors due to its appearance and precise cutting.

By Milipol, the international platform, Protech showed its own products, technologies and solutions, but also demonstrated its determination to innovate in the field of protective composite materials, Protech has made continuous improvement and steady progress, so that the world can hear the voice from China. Protech will spare no efforts to promote the development of composite protective materials.




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