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Pre-sales Services

1.Normal products

(1)  Provide performance index in details.

(2)  Provide full technical advice and analysis on the required technical level for the customers.

(3)  Analyze and describe in-depth of the product cost advantage.

(4)  Provide satisfactory delivery.

2.Targeted / Special products
(1) Provide R&D and technical support for targeted/special technology according to the customers, final demands on the product performance. And cooperate fully with and encourage customers to develop new applications.
(2)  Provide the service as the routine.

Sales Services

Provide product tracking until delivery.


After-sales Services

1. Provide technical support to applications and down-stream processing on the products.
2. Cooperate fully with the users to solve the problems they may encounter in application.
3. Provide consulting services on product upgrade.
4. Pay a return visit in the form customers could accept.
5. Establish customer files to a long-term cooperation once the contract is signed with the customer.


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