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Protech is a high-tech enterprises identified by the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, which has strong strength of research and innovation, and has a number of patents and proprietary technology. Protech has formed effective and smooth operation mode of " R&D, Production, Sales, Feedback", which can effectively promote the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, and ensure the upgrade of initial product and accelerate the introduction of new products.


Protech not only launches serial, various, high-performance protective composite materials, but also  makes customized R&D according to the special requirements of customers, in order to meet the demands for personalized products and create the maximum value for customers.


The performance and stability of Protech products always maintain the leading position in domestic market. Some products have reached the international advanced level and abridge the gap of our high-end protective composite materials. Aramid fiber ballistic composite materials Protech developed, with its excellent and stable ballistic performance, became the "Bomb Removal Equipment" designated material of the Beijing Olympic Games.


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