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Dr. Johnny Zhou was Invited to Attend The 3rd HPFCAD Forum and Deliver a Keynote Speech
Publish time:2019-11-05

From October 25 to 26, 2019, the 3rd High Performance Fiber and Composites Application Development Forum was held in Chengdu, which was hosted by materials.cn and xincailiao.com. More than 400 representatives from universities, research institutes and enterprises gathered together to discuss the development of high performance fiber industry.


The forum was divided into one main venue and five sub-venues, covering aramid fiber industrial technology and industrial application, carbon fiber industry technology and application, discussion and application of UHMWPE fiber industry technology, basalt fiber industry technology and application, discussion and application of resin industry technology for special fiber and composite materials.

Dr. Johnny Zhou, President of Beijing Protech New Material Science Co., Ltd was invited to deliver the keynote speech of "Development Trend of High Performance Fiber Composite Materials in Bulletproof Field" in the main venue.


Dr. Johnny Zhou indicated that the combination performance with lightweight is the development direction of bulletproof equipment. High-performance composite material fiber has the advantages of bulletproof performance, light weight, designability and no secondary damages, etc. It has a significant weight reduction effect for bulletproof equipment, at the same time it has great significance for reducing the load of soldiers, vehicles, tanks, helicopter and other military equipment. Although the development of high performance fiber started lately in China, it has developed rapidly. At present, the performance of some high performance fiber has basically reached the level of which in foreign countries. Dr. Johnny Zhou indicated that the development direction of the ballistic material is to reduce the cost of raw materials, make materials and structure lightweight and functional integration. The keynote speech received high attention and unanimous recognition from the participants.


As a manufacturer of protective composite materials, Protech has accumulated rich experience in the application of high-performance fiber industrialization technology for more than 10 years. The performance of the series of protective products produced by Aramid fiber and UHMWPE fiber have reached the world leading level and established a good brand awareness in the field of international protective composite materials. In the future, Protech will continue to innovate and promote the industrial application of high-performance fibers.




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