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Protech Attended International Fiber and Composite Material Industrial Development Conference
Publish time:2018-12-04

November 16, 2018 in Changzhou, Jiangsu province, The Second International High Performance Fiber and Composite Material Industrial Development Conference was organized by materials.cn® and Carbon Fiber Study Institute. Entrepreneurs and experts in the field of high performance fiber composites jointly discussed how to deal with the problems existing in the development of high-performance fiber composites in China.

The conference was divided into four themes--"Carbon Fiber Industry Technology and Application", "Aramid Fiber Industry Technology and Application", "UHMWPE Fiber Industry Technology Application" and "Other High-Performance Fiber Industry Technology and Application". In the sub-sessions of "UHMWPE Fiber Industry Technology Application", Dr.Johnny Zhou--Chairman of Beijing Protech, delivered a keynote speech with the theme of The Latest Research on the Bulletproof Performance and Protection Mechanism of Hybrid Composites of Para-Aramid Fiber and UHMWPE Fiber.


Dr.Johnny Zhou said, with the development of science and technology, especially the growing of anti-vehicle weapon and the emergence of special weapons, the higher requirements of protection performance and survival ability are putting forward for the personal protection, protective performance of tank and other military vehicles, it should not only have excellent ballistic penetration resistance, but also need to have the performance of lightweight, high mobility, antiknock, radiation protection, detection etc. With the development of new material technology and the continuous expansion of the application scope of composite material in military field, the composite material used as bulletproof is also constantly innovating and getting rapid development. Due to their excellent mechanical properties -- high strength and high modulus -- Para-Aramid fiber and UHMWPE fiber have been mostly used in the field of bulletproof now. The armor plates of hybrid composites with unidirectional (UD) structure were produced by hot press, which reinforcement was the hybrid of ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) fiber and Aramid fiber. The fractured morphologies of the armor plates were observed. Finally, the damage mechanism of hybrid composites was analyzed.


The conference and the speech won the praise from the industry professionals and Beijing Protech as a high-tech enterprise certificated by Chinese government, which involved in R&D, production, sales and technical support as well. Adhering to the purpose of "Promote the Enterprise by Science and Technology, Serve the Society by Industry", the company would be dedicated to R&D, production and promotion in the protective composite materials. We were working hard on the quality and service to become more worthy manufacturers and reliable partners. We would make unremitting efforts on the development of human security protection.





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