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Inheriting innovation, production and research moving forward together
Publish time:2018-09-03

                                                                                              — Protech Attended the 20th NCCM


The 20th National Conference on Composite Materials (NCCM-20) was held on August 25, 2018 at Haichuang Technology Exchange Center in Dalian.

NCCM was the most inheriting composite material event with the longest history in China. The conference aims to promote the discipline prosperity, technologies innovation and industry development of the composite materials field in China by building a communication platform to exchange the latest developments in this field. NCCM is held every two years, more than 4,800 national experts in composite materials have participated in the conference.

This conference was co-sponsored by China Composite Materials Society, China Mechanics Society, China Aerospace Society and Liaoning Provincial Association of Science and Technology, and was hosted by Dalian University of Technology. The theme of the conference is “New Era of Composite Materials: Innovation, R&D and Industry”. The 9+11 model was adopted, that meant 9 well-known experts and scholars were invited to conduct the main presentation of the conference, and 11 special academic exchange venues were set up. The presenters of the conference were experts and scholars in the field of composite materials, who came from the universities, research institutes and the industry. The 11 venues presentations were organized by the experts from academia and Industry, it covered the basics and hot topics of composite materials, effectively promote the fusion of academic innovation, technology and application.

Protech is always adhering to the purpose of “Promote the Enterprise by Science and Technology, serve the Society by Industry”. The company would be dedicated to R&D, production and promotion in Chinese protective composite materials. We are making our unremitting efforts for the development of Chinese security industries. In the conference, our research and development team led by Dr. Zhou Qing allotted an academic presentation entitled “Bulletproof performance and failure mechanism of Para-aromatic polyamide fiber/epoxy resin composite material”. The paper was included in the conference proceedings. At the same time, Dr. Zhou conducted an on-site poster session to provide a theoretical basis for the study of the bulletproof composite materials made of Para-aromatic polyamide fiber.




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