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Application and Status of Aramid Fiber in Ballistic Field by Dr. Johnny Zhou
Publish time:2023-05-31

—2023 China Aramid Industry Technology and Application Development Forum


On May 26, 2023, the aramid industry circle, Sinoara Advanced Materials Co.,Ltd., Tianjin Research Institute of the National New Materials Industry Development Strategy Advisory Committee and Carbon Fiber Study Institute jointly held the 2023 China Aramid Industry Technology and Application Development Forum. More than 150 representatives from upstream and downstream research institutes, enterprises and institutions in the industry were invited to attend the forum. They discussed new technologies, markets and developments of aramid, strengthen the layout of the industry chain and expand new market landscape.


Aramid is an organic high-temperature resistant fiber with excellent comprehensive performance and ideal price performance. It has broad application prospects in fields such as aerospace, new energy vehicles, optical cables, advanced composite materials, bulletproof products, special protective clothing, electronic equipment, etc.


Dr. Johnny Zhou, president of Beijing Protech New Material Science Co., Ltd., was invited to give a keynote speech on Application and Status of Aramid Fiber in Bulletproof Field. Dr. Johnny Zhou shared the contribution and material importance of aramid fibers in the field of bulletproof. He pointed out that optimizing the manufacturing technique and reducing production costs are of great significance for the widespread applications in the bulletproof field and various fields while mechanical properties of aromatic fibers were improved steadily. He proposed expectations for the new generation of bulletproof materials, reducing the cost of fiber raw materials, achieving operability with various high-performance fiber hybrid designs, improving the lightweight level of materials and structures as well as meeting the integrated requirements of bulletproof, explosion-proof, flame resistance, thermal insulation, water resistance and flexibility.


Protech has been adhering to innovation for more than 20 years, focusing on promoting the research and development of a series of protective products made from aramid fibers and UHMWPE fibers, as well as industrial upgrading. It has accumulated rich experience for upstream and downstream and has had a good brand reputation in the international field of protective composite materials. In the future, Protech is willing to work together with industry professionals to promote the industrial application of high-performance fibers.










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