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Protech Participated In the 2019 Russian Inerpolitex
Publish time:2019-11-04

The 23rd Interpolitex Means of State Security (Moscow) was held in the Russian Exhibition Center from October 22 to 25, 2019. The exhibition started in 1992, it is the top national defense and military and police exhibition in Russia. This exhibition has being strongly supported by the Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Defense and other government departments for many years. The exhibition attracted nearly 400 exhibitors and more than 20,000 professionals from many countries in the world.


Protech has participated in the exhibition with its own brand ProtUD® series of products for five consecutive years. The series of protective composite materials and their down-stream products on display covered different grades of conventional, advanced and cutting-edge products and meet the demands of customers in different scenarios, have received the attention and approval of many experts and manufacturers.


UHMWPE UD material of ES432 by its virtue of lightweight, soft, excellent performance is favored by customers. The down-stream product --VIP Concealed Bulletproof Vest was requested to try on many times. Not only its protection coverage is better than similar products in the market, but also brings a comfortable experience for the wearer. Russian state television channel 1 (1tv.ru) interviewed and reported on the protective composite materials of Protech during the exhibition, and highly affirmed Protech’s product advantages of "High performance, High performance/ price ratio, Safe & lightweight ”. In the future, Protech will continue to give full play to the advantages of the company, launch protective products with better performance and lighter weight, enhance the sustainable competitiveness and comprehensive strength of the enterprise, and promote the Chinese brand to a broader world stage.





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