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Protech Attended 2018 Interpolitex
Publish time:2018-11-02

From October 23th to 26th,2018, the 22nd Interpolitex Means of State Security was held at All-Russia Exhibition Center in Moscow. Interpolitex was hosted by the Russian Interior Ministry, Russian Defense Ministry, Russian Military Technical Cooperation Service Agency and Russian Federation CIS Counter-terrorism Center. Interpolitex has become the largest and most influential exhibition recognized by Russia and Commonwealth of Independent States in the field of security and protection. The exhibition attracted more than 450 exhibitors from 12 countries and more than 16,000 professional visitors from more than 100 countries to participate in.

Beijing Protech New Material Science Co., Ltd. has been participating in this exhibition for four consecutive years since 2015. With the characters of "High Performance, High Performance/Price Ratio, Safety&Lightweight", professional technical support and personalized customer service, it has received continuous attention from professional visitor, excellent manufacturers and academics. The mainly popularize composite material ProtUD has excellent properties, such as low area density, strong deformation resistance, which is suitable for Russian market with higher requirement of bulletproof. In particular, the plate made from the EP43c hard UD material as the main material, It has been tested by the famous testing organizations NTS Chesapeake about AK, NI III level, Armor plates made from EP43c is 25% lighter than those made from normal materials, attracting lots of customers’ consultation and attention.






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