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Protech engaged in research, development, production, technology promotion and other activities in the field of ballistic and puncture-proof composite materials. The main materials had been widely used in bulletproof clothing, puncture-proof clothing, bulletproof & puncture-proof clothing, explosion-proof blankets, explosion-proof fences, bulletproof helmets, bullet-proof shields and other protective armor.


Since the establishment, the company had committed to the research on new composite materials and ballistic and puncture-proof mechanism. Protech had completed much innovative work and accumulated a wealth of experience in this field. Protech played an invaluable part in the localization production of bulletproof composite materials and abridged the gap with the international level.


Not only various, continuous protective composite materials with different width, but also professional technical support can be provide to customers by the company. Products will bring customers more profits and development with the advantage of "high performance, high performance/price ratio, safe and lightweight".

Introduction on Products

Serial protective composite materials products of Protech can be divided into bulletproof materials and puncture-proof materials in accordance with different functions. They can be divided into aramid fiber composites and ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) fiber composites in accordance with different raw materials. They can be divided into the products for soft armor (AS and ES series of ballistic materials, FC series of puncture-proof materials, SF series of bulletproof & puncture-proof materials) and the products for hard armor ( AP and EP series of ballistic materials) in accordance with different applications.


AP and AS products are made from aramid fiber with beautiful golden color, which have been adopted by many customers for their stable performance and lower cost. EP and ES products are made from polyethylene fiber with the appearance of white color, which is widely used in the international market for high performance/price ratio and ballistic performance.


Through a special process, aramid UD composites are made from aramid fiber, which has the characteristics of high strength, high modulus and heat-resistance and so on. The Aramid composites UD are widely used in national defense field to improve the army's mobile operations ability. The aramid fiber using by Protech is world-renowned products.


UHMWPE UD composite materials embodied the excellent performance of UHMWPE fiber in safety protective equipment application. Specific modulus and specific strength of UHMWPE fiber are more than 10 times higher than that of steel. The impact-resistance toughness of UHMWPE UD is excellent. Specific impact energy absorption ratio of UHMWPE UD is the highest among advanced composite materials. It is widely used in bulletproof vests, bulletproof plate and bulletproof armor.


As a new type of high-tech composite material, aramid UD and UHMWPE UD are widely used in aerospace, civil construction, automobile equipment and so on.

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